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The M6.4 1933 Long Beach earthquake caused significant damage to the city and surrounding areas, killing a total of 120 people.Most of the damage occurred in unreinforced masonry buildings, especially schools.

Tevaaxa'anga was an inland settlement near the Los Angeles River, while Ahwaanga and Povuu'nga were coastal villages.In 1843 Jonathan Temple bought Rancho Los Cerritos, having arrived in California in 1827 from New England.He built what is now known as the "Los Cerritos Ranch House", a still-standing adobe which is a National Historic Landmark.Along with other Tongva villages, they were forced to relocate in the mid-19th century due to missionization, political change, and a drastic drop in population from exposure to European diseases.In 1784 the Spanish Empire's King Carlos III granted Rancho Los Nietos to Spanish soldier Manuel Nieto.

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