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Among other interesting comments: One fascinating finding is that women spent more time on Facebook than men, and also scored significantly higher on Facebook jealously. recruited 342 Facebook members at an Australian university to record their Facebook use for a week and complete questionnaires about jealousy and relationship satisfaction.

“Time to Face It” (2011) builds on Muise’s study by looking at “Facebook intrusion” into people’s daily lives, and how it might “spill over” into romantic dissatisfaction. They found that Facebook intrusion was linked to relationship dissatisfaction.

Facebook collapses the boundary between public and private.

It introduces a panoptical into romance: In the past, lovers weren’t subjected to “daily scrutiny in their exchanges” by their “social circle.” Facebook makes it easy to connect with past romantic partners, which can stoke jealousy.

Does your declaration of your partner status in your Facebook profile (“single, “married,” “bafflingly unclassifiable”—I made the last one up) influence your relationship happiness? Men’s and women’s disagreements over Facebook relationship status were linked to lower levels of relationship satisfaction for women, but not for men.

Similarly, a male partner’s indication of a “partnered status” on his Facebook profile was linked to more relationship satisfaction for both the man and his partner.

Excessive or pathologic internet use is encouraged by this technology that is convenient, affordable, and can be anonymous.Youth can live out fantasy lives in World of War Craft or Second Life.Current research suggests that 20% of the world's youth are involved in internet addiction and abuse. The jealousy, in turn, leads to greater surveillance of a lover’s Facebook page.This “persistent surveillance,” in turn, increases the crop of potential jealousy-provoking tidbits.

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More specifically, it was linked via romantic jealousy. recruited 58 couples in committed relationships, from a small Midwest town.

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