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If you're a lawyer able to offer your services to any of the employees here, please contact our site and let us know in which districts or states you're able to offer legal services.The following comments were received from various United Airlines employees and family members.Unless specifically requested otherwise, all personal identifying information has been removed.Note that opinions expressed here are those of the posters and not necessarily indicative of the views of This is how they treat excellent devoted employees -- I would have had 30 yrs. My biggest offense was that i failed to document the records.

The UA/CO merger was done terribly with employees from each side confused and frustrated.I would just like to get the benefits and respect that I devoted 30 years to.December 13, 2016 I read these heartfelt testimonials, and I'm in tears. Terminated after being given the chance to retire with only flight benefits, which was not something I could do.PBA was founded on the belief that a Third Party Administrator must go beyond plan design and claims administration to control costs and contribute to the health and wellbeing of covered individuals.With experience dating back to 1985, PBA provides products, services and capabilities designed to accomplish these objectives for self-funded employer groups and Taft Hartley Funds throughout the U. PBA is committed to continually bringing new ideas and innovative concepts to our clients and providing our self-funded employer groups, Taft Hartley Funds, brokers and plan members the information needed to proactively manage their healthcare costs.

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