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It tries to make up for its heterosexual focus by providing an unconvincing man-kissing lesbian.Mostly though, if the dialog was not laden with grown women referring to their fathers as, "daddy," and Irene Jensen hadn't cried saying she'd never find a man like her father to cut bananas into rounds for her cereal....well, then I wouldn't have walked out.DEFROST takes place in the year 2045, when liquid nitrogen is now commonly used to freeze patients until remedies for their illnesses are developed.

Tanna was born to David Frederick, a pharmacist and Nancy Frederick, a nursing instructor.

Back in 2006, she was instrumental in the founding of the Iowa Independent Film Festival.

Her parents are named David Frederick and Nancy Frederick.

If only she were a star, or if Harriet Schock had less treacly lyrics or didn't have an overly-sentimental singing style, perhaps Irene Jensen's character might have been tolerable.

The film fails to explore the relationships between women and their fathers, instead focusing on superficial conclusions and sappy constructs of child-parent connection.

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