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Most experts would agree that the form and context of punishment are important.

A substantial body of opinion is consistent with the commonsense view of most parents that a slap with the hand for a naughty child, or one whose behaviour is endangering itself, may sometimes be the best immediate course of action under certain circumstances.

When you physically punished your children did you do so in a calm frame of mind ? How old were your children when you stopped this method of punishment ?

I ask these questions because I assume that, as you sound quite expert, it is because of your own experience in rearing your children and imagine that you wouldn't approve of corporal punishment being brought back to schools unless it was something you yourself practised in your own home.^^^^To answer your questions..

I would prefer no one laid a hand on my children however there is a greater picture to be looked at.

So many kids today are out of control and no one has any authority over them.

However, reliance on physical punishment, to the exclusion of other measures such as warning, explaining, withdrawal of affection, etc., may lead to less compliance and lagging development.

As to smaking (was)and talking(is) always done in a calm frame of mind.

I would not say i was wholly dependant or wholly approving of corporal punishment....

I am an advocate of 'ramifications'I have smacked my children on the back of the hand and on occasion on the bottom.

As children get older, physical punishment declines noticeably.

Evidence suggests, further, that most parents would agree with the experts that severe and frequent punishment is morally wrong, counterproductive and conducive to aggressiveness as children grow up, and an admission of parental failure.

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The moral questions – is physical punishment always wrong or can it be rightly used in certain circumstances? Both views have been strongly put; the first in terms of fundamental human or natural rights; and the second, so far as children are concerned, as not inherently wrong and pragmatically valuable provided there is no physical or emotional harm involved.

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