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The thing about receiving this feedback was that it was like a light bulb switch went off in my head and I could see how these issues were messing up my game but understanding what your problems are is ½ the battle.

I would go into each set but it would take forever and most of my sets that night hooked and blew out like usual so it was not all that significant though the stuff we worked on earlier in the night really helped and I saw improvements in each set as the night went on and they gave me guidance as to what I was doing wrong.

It wasn’t even something I was thinking about going in since my main goal was just to learn and have successful sets, and I was also staying in the area at my parents house for the weekend.

I think the bootcamp with Glenn was pretty amazing and offered me exactly what I need to get better and maybe even become great with a lot of hard work.

If you want the short review read the first & last paragraph) This is my Glenn P bootcamp (Brad P Underground Dating Seminar) in NYC from this past weekend review. I actually ended up getting a same night lay for the first time during the bootcamp.

Not only that, but it was with an attractive blonde who paid 0 for the room and bought 3 rounds of drinks.

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