Updating bridgeport interact machine

Save time and money and get better performance with much easier programming and operation.

The CENTROID Fanuc Retrofit system makes an old machine tool into a real money maker for less than the cost of repairing the old Fanuc control!

CENTROID CNC controls have the highest still in use ratio of any other control system.

If the air leak does not seem like anything is loose or broken, then it could be spindle cooling. I have had axis Errors and measuring system errors.

With the new M-400 you get the choice of a sealed full size keyboard OR a regular PC keyboard for data input.

Jerry like the feel of a a PC keyboard and the fact that he can use one with his new control.

Over the next two years he purchased a few more CENTROID equipped machines; a bed mill and a tool room lathe.

It didn't take long for Jerry to notice that his inexpensive CENTROID equipped CNC knee mill had features that he sure would like to have on his Leadwell machining center.

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The Mitsubishi was just taking too long to program and too long to set up.

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