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All workstations shall be Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or Microsoft Windows XP Professional.A qualified and authorized system administrator shall review available updates weekly.It is recommended that new patches be tested in a controlled environment that mimics the infrustructure of the production environment before patches are applied.For small organizations that do not have these resources, one technique is to watch the emial groups like NTBug Traq to find out what problems other organizations may be having with the patch.The ability to provide a test environment and thoroughness of determining whether any functionality is broken by the update will vary from organization to organization depending on available resources.Workstation updates may be done using any provided tools depending on the type of workstations and their operating systems.This policy shall determine how updates are done for both servers and workstations, and who is responsible for performing the updates along with specifying the tools used to perform system updates.

However, there won't be any more Security Onion updates for version 12.04 as all development will be on version 14.04 moving forward.

Also refer to the relevant blog entry for the update as there may be additional information there: you get the following error: command described above is the recommended method to install updates.

This policy is required to establish a minimum process for protecting the organizational computers on the network from security vulnerabilities.

The disadvantage is that you may need to wait a little longer before applying the patch which may slightly increase the time your organization is vulnerable.

Server updates shall be done by a qualified and authorized system administrator.

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