Updating safari on iphone define ams dating

It can be a real time-saver especially when typing long messages on your i Phone or i Pad.

However, if English is not your native tongue, predictive text can be more of an annoyance than...

It’s safe to say that one of the most useful additions to any i OS device is the Flashlight. I can still recall the time when i Phones don’t have this particular function and you need to jailbreak in order to gain access to...

As you might all know, i OS 9.2 is now out for i Phone and i Pad owners.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of Safari jailbreak tweaks that...

We’re sure many of you have encountered the issue where i OS keeps asking for your i Cloud password many times throughout the day.

According to numerous users, the issue generally occurs after updating the firmware or after doing a full restore via i Tunes. If you like emulators then you’d be interested to know that Open Emu, the open source emulator for OS X, has received a major update and is now on its version 2.0.

Zedge can be downloaded free in the app store and includes instructions on how to setup a wireless sync for ringtones.

[…] Welcome to How To Use Youri where we teach you how to use your i Phone.

On this site you will find anything and everything you need to know about your i Phone.

As of now, the latest version which is i OS 9.2 hasn’t still been jailbroken. For many i OS users, Safari is the de-facto standard for browsing the internet on their devices.

But many will agree as well that the Safari browser has its own fair share of annoyances and has plenty of room for improvements.

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Now you can add this famous salute to your emoji library using this simple tip.

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