Updating the operating system

Smartphones and tablets have operating systems and versions as well.

The most common are i OS (on i Phones and i Pads), Android, Black Berry, and Windows Phone.

If you get the new operating system installed and find that performance is inadequate, you might be able to make the necessary hardware upgrades.

However, if your computer needs several components upgraded to run the new OS, it might be less expensive to buy a new computer.

CUIT on the Morningside campus provides online tutorials and information on running updates for Windows and Macintosh.

If you have a unique user name and password for a computer that is owned by your department, you will most likely have access to install updates and patches.

Your logon does not give sufficient access to the computer to modify parts of the OS as required for updates - this is a protective measure since viruses, spyware and unauthorized programs often try to change parts of the OS as well. Windows and Macintosh systems will prompt for an administrative password before installing a program or changing advanced settings on a computer.

Every computing device uses software called an Operating System (OS) to manage basic tasks such as storing and retrieving data, interfacing with other programs and hardware, and more.

As systems are used and new technologies are released, the OS requires software upgrades or patches to resolve any security issues that are discovered and to improve functionality.

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And of course, if the system is a laptop, it may be difficult or impossible to upgrade the hardware to a level that will run the new OS.

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