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In Office 2010 we’ve expanded this feature significantly to include binary formats for Word, Excel, and Power Point.Please note that this feature is for binary formats ONLY (i.e. Yesterday I updated Office to the latest service pack, i.e. This morning, when opening an MS Word document (format, and a document I created myself some months ago) I was greeted with a new dialog box saying: Security Alert - Office File Validation WARNING: Office File Validation detected a problem while trying to open this file.Opening this is probably dangerous, and may allow a malicious user to take over your computer.There are several registry keys that control various aspects of Office File Validation.HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office.0\Common\Security\File Validation \Reporting Interval – This is a DWORD that controls the number of days between the showing of the dialog to send files to Windows Error Reporting.

Obviously the document is safe as I created it myself some months ago. (On a sidenote, a rethorical question: Will Microsoft never learn?I consider myself a power user in Word, but I have no clue what could be wrong with my document so that it is considered dangerous. Sigh....) Looks like they increased security toward their old file formats in order to avoid vulnerabilities.Here is some information on why it does this and how to convert the files so you won't get the error message.We realize that many administrators (or security conscious users) may not like the idea of opening a file that fails validation, so there is a group policy to control the default action when a file fails validation.These policies are located under the application’s “Options\Security\Trust Center\Protected View” in the group policy templates and it is a per application setting.

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What it does validate is the structure of the file, for example if you have a XLS file that has a FONTINDEX structure with the ifnt value set to 4 (which is an invalid value for that particular item) then it fails validation. not in a trusted location and not a trusted document) is loaded by Word, Power Point, or Excel it goes through a check to see if it is a valid file.

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