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She has single-sided hearing loss and wears Phonak CROS II and Phonak Audéo V hearing aids.

She lives in Scotland with her husband Richard, their Westie, Tilly (@Tillythe Westie).

This video tells the story of how this Skype additional free service came about: Many of my friends with hearing loss use headsets whilst using video chat, and they find that works best for them.

However, because I am deaf in one ear, headsets aren’t ideal for me.

For anyone unfamiliar with video chat, it’s a way to communicate by seeing each other’s faces via a screen.

There are video chat apps for your desktop computer, smart phone, tablet, or you can even hook up a web camera to your TV monitor if it has internet connectivity.

There’s also the opportunity for my brother to join the call too.

If you or your loved one has severe hearing loss, face-to-face communication still may not be enough.

Bei der campoint AG kannst Du Deine individuellen Stärken voll einbringen, Dich weiterentwickeln und an neuen Herausforderungen wachsen.

Without the CROS aid, if I were to rely just on sound coming into my hearing aid, then sounds seem much reduced and quieter, meaning that I have to work that much harder to follow speech.

By using speakers on my computer when video chatting, I can maintain the use of my CROS system and benefit from a fuller sound.

You can follow Angie's international discussion group #Hearing Loss Hour on Twitter @hearinglosshour..

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For people with hearing loss in both ears, assistive technology such as the Com Pilot or Com Pilot Air, allow you to stream video calls from your mobile or tablet via Bluetooth directly into your Phonak hearing aids, cutting out all background noise and making communication clearer and easier.

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