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Also, since water is the best moisturizer, spritz your hair daily to prevent excess dryness.Dry hair leads to breakage, especially afro-textured hair, which tends to be very dry.People just want to see the tennis match and they don’t really give that big a rip about all this other stuff that we’re bringing in.I would say these things in production meetings a lot.So, before you go out and buy hair vitamins or magic hair growth potions, here are five tips to consider for growing long, healthy hair: I know I may be ‘beating a dead horse’ here, but I always have to reiterate that healthy hair starts with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Your diet can affect your overall health, including your hair’s health.So, try to include more nutritious foods, vegetables, fruits, protein, etc. Literally and figuratively, we need to water our hair.When asked this question in person, I sometimes get a look of disappointment, as if to say “is that ALL you’re going to tell me?

Increasing your daily water intake can improve your hair’s moisture and health.Sometimes we get too carried away by wanting to try every style or product or technique. In the beginning of my hair journey, I watched tons of product review videos and bought many of the products the ladies in the videos spoke about.But, while we are busy experimenting or wanting to switch things up constantly, our hair length and health may be suffering. My hair regimen consisted of a million steps and washdays would literally take ALL day.During a slow news night for the 2004 Olympics, Carillo filled some time on air with what started as a comparison between the rackets and birdies used in Olympics games and the standard set available to the public."We've all played badminton and it seems like the rules are fairly easy to understand," Carillo begins.

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