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Like most novels Here I Am has multiple origin stories.Foer borrowed several plot elements from All Talk, but another piece of the puzzle came from a family trip he took to Israel.He always said Dad with a question mark, as if asking where his father was.“Yeah, buddy.”“When you made dinner last night, my broccoli was touching my chicken.”“And you were just thinking about that? All day.”“It all mixes in your stomach, anyway,” Max said from the threshold.“Where’d you come from? Jacob has acquired a secret phone that he uses to sext with a colleague.” Jacob asked.“Mom’s vagina hole,” Benjy said.“And you’re going to die, anyway,” Max continued, “so who cares what touches the chicken, which is dead, anyway.”Benjy turned to Jacob: “Is that true, Dad? The lights are flickering—you can watch Jacob and Julia fall in and out of love with each other in real time on the page.

“Part of it was probably that I was afraid that I wasn’t working on something that befit this finite amount of time on earth,” he says. It’s the kind of thing that sometimes gets him tagged as pretentious—there's a certain segment of New York’s intensely self-fascinated literary world that loves to hate Foer: for his charmed life (cf.It might’ve been a great show, but we’ll never know, because at the last possible minute Foer killed it. I didn’t think I was going to become any of those things.” One day Oates took him aside before class and told him she liked his writing. I thought I just gave in these submissions every other week and they were discussed for 15 minutes and then recycled and that was it.”But that wasn’t it.“Two years writing it, and it got greenlit, and we were just a month or two from shooting, it was cast, it was ready to go,” Foer tells me over coffee in Brooklyn recently. Oates became his mentor, and Foer’s senior thesis at Princeton became Everything Is Illuminated, a novel published in 2002, when he was 25.That’s not a cold or evasive answer, I just didn’t.” Draw your own conclusions.After All Talk went away Foer got in touch with Eric Chinski—who had edited his first novel but since then had changed publishing houses to Farrar, Straus and Giroux—and arranged to start working with him on a new book.

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