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I'm out of the nursing home saying that my parents put me in behind my back straight out of the hospital and now I'm living happily in Kokomo with my girlfriend who just moved in and we plan on a long long future I am jealous as a CEO of my dating site I created that I need a date too but I'm glad I got to hook up a few of you so keep plugging away and like and comment on my page and maybe karma has something good for you, like me for instance lol I'll hook you up I would love to bring hey beautiful princess see the beauty of this place.

trouble is I can't find any because they say I have multiple sclerosis and they walk away when I'm probably the best that came along.

Sure, you can make Spotify playlists or CD mixes (for those of us who still have CDs).

The reverse curse of the Missed Calls function: It completely ruins that hopeful state of denial. Now, you can stalk your crush on Facebook to discover all those endearing little details.

Will anyone in 2100 sit and carefully click through grandma's online wedding photos? Back in the day, everybody was a DJ, and there was a special art to designing just the right cassette mix tape for a sweetheart.

The songs, their order, the doodles on the paper label -- they all meant something only the two of you understood (there's plenty of Prince, because I WOULD DIE 4 U).

Snapping dances or date pics; waiting to finish up a roll and eagerly anticipating seeing the developed pictures; carefully arranging them in an actual, paper album, no filter, no Photoshop.

Today, taking and sharing pictures is quick and easy, but there's something undeniably special about those faded paper photographs and meticulously assembled albums with scribbled handwritten notes on the back of each picture.

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