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As impossible as it once seemed, they held a men's long program without controversy, without allegations, without shame.

There was a winner who kissed the ice and wept during the scores.

He had a room in a communal apartment shared by five unrelated families and who knows how many people.

The boy never could keep count, what with the drunks wandering in from the street and the flow of strangers in and out.

There was a runner-up who skipped and posed and laughed.

Alexei Yagudin has never been reluctant to say what he thinks.

"Это формальность, которая для некоторых очень много значит.

They all shared a kitchen and a bathroom and a common room.

The boy's private space was barely big enough for a table and chair and the couch he slept on. Russia is sending European champions Alexei Yagudin and Maria Butryskaya to lead a strong figure-skating team at next month's Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

У знаменитых спортсменов подрастают две прекрасных дочери Елизавета и Мишель.

Со стороны семейство выглядит идеальным: Татьяна и Алексей совмещают карьеру с воспитанием детей, работают без устали и подумывают о том, в каком уголке земного шара встречать старость.

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